dinh cau or phu quoc night market
dinh cau or phu quoc night market

Food not only feasts your eyes but also does wonders for your taste, right? That is the reason why a great number of tourists coming to Phu Quoc choose Dinh Cau night market as an ideal destination.

Are you also a food lover? If you are, we bet that you will fall head over heels in love with this market. You may get lost but do not worry! Let the smell of food show you how to go. But first, we will lead you to that smell. Are you ready to stay up all night with Dinh Cau night market? Let’s scroll down and create your own menu!

Introduction to Dinh Cau Night Market

Dinh Cau night market is located on Vo Thi Sau street, in the center of Duong Dong town.

Since 2007, Dinh Cau night market has become a famous feature of Phu Quoc. Unfortunately, in 2016, the market stopped operating. But don’t be sad! Dinh Cau Market had merged with Bach Dang Market to form Phu Quoc night market. After that, the market has improved significantly, especially the environment. The main purpose is to satisfy the demand of tourists.

dinh cau or phu quoc night market

Dinh Cau (or Phu Quoc) night market

How to get there?

Since it is in the center of Phu Quoc island, you will find it easy to reach the market. From Phu Quoc international airport, you can go along Tran Hung Dao street. It takes you about 20 minutes. That is the shortest route.

Our sincere advice is to rent a hotel nearby. Walking to the market at night is a must-do thing for real travelers.

What to do?

What do we often do at a night market? Of course, we shop! Follow our lead! You can enjoy the whole Phu Quoc culinary paradise.

❖    Seafood booths

If you go to the beach without trying seafood, you do not actually go there. So first of all, let’s have a look at the marine menu at Dinh Cau night market to make sure that the best thing is not missed.

Crabs, shrimp, fish and hundreds of other fresh seafood are displayed right in front of you. They are cooked in many different ways .Steamed, grilled, stir-fried, you name it. All are served! You only need to choose one and enjoy these mouth-watering dishes immediately.

The difference between eating at Dinh Cau Night Market and eating in other places is that you can observe the whole cooking process. It gets more exciting for guests to make their own food, like grilling the octopus or crabs. Are you ready to be a cook?

a seafood booth in dinh cau night market

A seafood booth in Dinh Cau night market

❖    Junk food booths

The main dishes are served. Let’s look for some desserts!

Be careful because the food we are going to list can make you salivate: grilled rice-paper, sweet soup, Thai ice cream, peanut with 30 different flavors, sugar palm cake and tons of other choices. One of the most famous dishes in Dinh Cau market night is “keo chi”. This is also the second popular dish in Phu Quoc while the hottest one is seafood.

Most of the snacks at this night market cost from VND 10,000 to VND 20,000. Try each dish a little, then you can test the whole menu with very little money!

desserts at the market

Desserts at the market

❖    Souvenir booths

You will have a good time in Dinh Cau for sure but do not forget your beloved ones. You should drop in some souvenir booths for them.

Local people sell lots of gifts and souvenirs made from seashells. The cute little jewelry will also make girls fall in love. You can also buy food such as dried fish or squid and wine too.

You will never forget Phu Quoc when you put its features in your pocket.

it’s time to buy some souvenirs

It’s time to buy some souvenirs

Notes before a trip to Dinh Cau Night Market

Have you written down all the things to do above yet? Then keep your paper and write some facts you need to pay attention to. They can prevent misfortunes for your trip.

  • Motorbikes are not allowed from 5 pm. Dinh Cau night market only welcomes pedestrians until midnight.
  • The pearls displayed in the market are sometimes fake. Of course, they are cheap.
  • The seafood here is more expensive than other places in Phu Quoc.
  • Salesmen are sometimes too eager. They might annoy you. Sympathize for them! They just want to sell things to you.
  • Beggars are also available.

In Conclusion

Just imagine that you are walking across the street, then stop at the seafood booth, choose a super fresh fish, grill it and try it. Isn’t it amazing? This is the way we wake up the night at Dinh Cau night market. The night will not last forever but you will never forget this awesome experience.

Let’s light up the evening with food! Tonight, do not spend your precious time doing the nonsense at your hotel because Dinh Cau is out there for you to explore!


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