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When mentioning An Thoi island, travelers usually think about the unspoiled beach and beautiful sandbanks.  And there is absolutely no doubt about that. At first glance, tourists could be charmed by the pristine beauty of An Thoi island. Let’s now discover why An Thoi Island is considered as a tourist paradise!

an thoi

Do You Know Location Of An Thoi Island?

An Thoi Island is an attractive destination in Phu Quoc Island. The total acreage of An Thoi island is about 7,64km2, with 3,000 residents. You get what it means, don’t you? Your trip to this island will be a real tour back to the time, where everything is, to a certain extent, primitive.

How To Get To An Thoi Island

To reach this gorgeous island, you travel to Phu Quoc Island by flight or high-speed boat. I took a high-speed boat at 8 a.m from Ha Tien to Phu Quoc, and I had experienced exciting moments during the trip. You could try if you like to contemplate the crystal blue sea.

After arriving at Phu Quoc airport, you can take a taxi or rent a motorbike or car to An Thoi town, which is the second-largest town after Duong Dong, in Phu Quoc. To start the journey around the islands of An Thoi, you need to find a boat of local fishermen or book a package travel tour.

Diverse Activities And Local Specialties

Now, let’s see what An Thoi island has in store for you. Many jolly activities are waiting ahead, that is one thing for sure. So, let’s start exploring!

diverse activities and local specialties
diverse activities and local specialties

Touring Around The Islands

You see, there are eighteen islands in An Thoi, but only five out of them are inhabited. The rest remain pristine land overtaken by nature. Sounds interesting?

Among them, Coconut island, Roi Island, Pineapple island, Xuong island are four of the most outstanding islands that travelers couldn’t miss. Once getting there, you will get to feast your eyes on the incredible paradise landscapes of these distant, nearly isolated islands, and perhaps snap some unique photos while you are amid the white sandbanks, coconut groves, and mango trees.


To get to know these islands to the fullest, I advise you to rent a boat from the natives. On your ride, they could tell you interesting stories regarding the name of the islands. Moreover, you can save money because the price of renting a fisherman’s boat will be lower than booking tours organized by hotels.


And you can also buy some unique souvenirs made from seashells or pearls with affordable prices yet high quality. Wait! We are not done yet. One last thing, at the end of the day, I recommend you spend a couple minutes watching the sunset on the sea! That is such a romantic and beautiful view which you cannot forget.

Snorkeling And Diving To Watch Coral Reefs

The beaches of Phu Quoc, especially the ones at An Thoi Island, are blessed with many beautiful coral reefs with diverse creatures like sea cucumbers, jellyfish, starfish, and other eye-catching fish. So, obviously, exploring the sea reefs is one of the favorite activities of tourists here.

For the best experience, you can choose scuba diving or snorkeling with professional guides (optional). I spent about an hour scuba diving around the sea of Xuong Island. It’s great! The water was clear so I could see the cute fishes swimming around.

Fishing With the Natives

Are you ready to become a fisherman? Then you are going to love what I’m about to inform you.

When the night falls, you can accompany the fishermen of An Thoi island for a squid fishing tour! How cool is that?

Squid fishing on a basket boat at night is a downright exciting activity. While waiting for the squid to bite the bait, you can watch the night sky glimmering with thousands of stars and listen to the fishermen telling stories about their fishing experiences or the legends of the deep sea. Also, you can ask the boat owner to cook squid or fish that you catch right on the boat. So exciting!

Visiting Fish Sauce House

Phu Quoc is not only famous for pearls but also for its second-to-none fish sauce. One of the three most famous fish sauce factories in Phu Quoc is located in the town of An Thoi, which is also a famous tourist spot of the region. And trust us, getting some authentic, golden quality fish sauce as a gift for your friends or family is a must. Don’t worry about transport because Vietjet and Jetstar accepted this product as check-in baggage.

visiting fish sauce house
visiting fish sauce house

Visiting wholesale seafood

It is such a pity if you do not sample the seafood of An Thoi island. I love the specialties here and wish I could come back to this beautiful island to enjoy sea urchin, crab soup, and Sim wine. It’s truly an unforgettable culinary experience!

An Thoi is a big wholesale market in selling fresh seafood of Phu Quoc.


You can also visit some markets situated next to the seaport on An Thoi island. There are many delicious street foods at reasonable prices, and the natives are also friendly and hospitable, so you can eat as much as you like. Perhaps you could find some lovely souvenirs as you wander around.

Some Notes Before Starting A Trip To An Thoi Island

To have a fun trip to An Thoi island, you should take notes of a few things. Firstly, avoid visiting An Thoi in the rainy season from April to August. Secondly, if you are seasick, do not forget to bring some medicine because all journeys are taken by boats. Thirdly, buy a tourist map of Phu Quoc to avoid getting lost. And finally, don’t forget to prepare sunscreen to protect your skin.


An Thoi island is a paradise for tourists who like the mysterious beauty of nature. Moreover, you can taste fresh seafood and join in exciting activities like diving, squid fishing at night. You should come to An Thoi to relax. I believe you and your friends will have a great vacation here.


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