let’s start an extraordinary experience on long beach
let’s start an extraordinary experience on long beach

Does the bustling life make you feel stressful and want to go somewhere to ease your mind? But choosing a destination which is ideal and comfortable enough to travel is not as easy as pie.

Take it easy! We are here to help you start one of the most extraordinary experiences ever in your lifetime-trip to Long Beach of Phu Quoc! Stay tuned and scroll down for further information.

Why Should We Not Miss Out On Long Beach?

Phu Quoc has been recognized for its irresistible beauty for a long time, and Long Beach seems to be the hidden gem of Phu Quoc that not everyone knows and comes to explore.

long beach
                                            Long beach

Located in the Northwest of Phu Quoc, near the primeval forest area, this alluring beach always breathes a new life into the feeling of visitors with a relatively cool temperature, combined with the refreshing wind from the sea.

That is not all, the seawater here is so clear that you can see the image of yourself on the surface of the water. So cool, right?

As time goes by, Long Beach remains to keep its pristine charm that draws any traveler’s attention at first glance. Having a getaway journey here creates a chance for you to breathe fresh air and enjoy golden sunshine, white sand and cool water.

Are you yearning to start a trip to Long Beach right now? Keep reading to find out more.

Way To Get To Long Beach

There are two options to get to Long Beach that you can consider.

The first way is starting from Duong Dong Center. You have to follow the main road called Duong Dong Cua Can. After passing down the Cua Can bridge, go till the end of Cua Can market and you can come to Vung Bau Beach, then follow the coastal road to get to Long Beach.

The second way is following the Duong Dong Cua Can, keep going straight until you get to Vinpearl and then you will find out Long Beach.

What To Do In Long Beach?

Explore The Seashore And View The Sunset

Long Beach stretches over 15km along the Phu Quoc island’s coast. Once coming here, apart from going swimming, enjoying the suntan, you can stroll around the seashore to explore the unique natural landscapes here. Besides, riding a bike along the coast is also a great activity that you should include in your bucket list.

On top of that, viewing the sunset from Long Beach is a must on your trip. Have you ever watched the trail of the sunlight at the end of the day falling into the water?

what to do in long beach

Sunset on Long Beach

I bet that nothing is more relaxing than contemplating the most stunning scenery from an endless beach. And it will undeniably become the most unforgettable memory in your life.

Try Scuba Diving To See The Coral

Long Beach is famous for its diverse and colorful coral ecosystem, so do not hesitate to give yourself a chance to try the water sport called scuba diving. Scuba diving helps you to experience the clear and warm seawater as long as wonderful untouched coral reefs.

An adventure lover should not miss out on this fantastic underwater activity. Do not worry if you are not a specialized swimmer. What you have to do is take the plunge and make it the most memorable experience on your trip.

Go Camping And Enjoy BBQ Party On The Seashore

Along with the usual activities such as bathing, sightseeing, or other underwater activities, you should try having an outdoor BBQ party right on the beach.

Thanks to its airy atmosphere, Long Beach becomes a relaxing and comfortable paradise, contributing to a perfect barbecue party.

Of course, Long Beach is a good source of seafood, including shrimp, crabs, fish, snails, you name it. It is precisely an advantage for culinary features.

At the same time, it would be much more fun if you could camping overnight. Camping on the beach offers a cozy and relaxing feeling that comforts your soul.

It also creates an excellent opportunity for travelers to interact with each other. That’s why more and more companies have held some team-building activities like this for their employees.

Note Before Starting A Trip To Long Beach

First, the road to Long Beach is quite small, which is only suitable for motorcycles. But I highly recommend that you take a motorbike trip if you want to make this the most memorable journey ever! What would be more fantastic than enjoying the bright and windy land directly?

Second, as there is no gas station on the road to this beach, please fill-up the fuel tank while being in Duong Dong town.

Third, due to its wilderness, you will find it challenging to find a market or a grocery store. Please prepare the food, drinks and necessary equipment in advance in case you plan to travel all day here.

Final Thought

Anyone who has been to Long Beach all acknowledges that they really feast their eyes on its mesmerizing beauty. Hence, if you want to get away from the bustling and stressful life, let’s reward yourself with a day off to Long Beach.

With our guide above, I hope that you can have the most unforgettable getaway trip ever!



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