a local farmer
a local farmer

What comes to your mind when someone mentions “Phu Quoc”? The pearl island? The beach? The seafood? Hey, you have just missed something important: the pepper farm. Phu Quoc is truly the kingdom of pepper in Vietnam. This article will guide  you  through these farms and tell you some tips to optimize your experience here. Are you ready to lose yourself in the green? Phu Quoc pepper farm always welcomes you.

pepper farm
                                        Phu Quoc pepper farm

Tips for a memorable trip to Phu Quoc Pepper Farm

Introduction to the Pepper Farm

Pepper is one of the most famous specialties of Phu Quoc. Thousands of years ago, local people began to grow pepper. Do you know how much pepper they produce each year? More than 1,000 tons! Isn’t it impressive?

Phu Quoc’s biggest pepper farm is called Khu Tuong. It is a famous pepper garden in the southern region of Vietnam. In terms of quality, it is second to none.

How to get there?

Khu Tuong pepper farm is in the north of Duong Dong town. If you depart from Ham Ninh port, you can go along DT47 to Duong Dong. If you are at Phu Quoc airport, traveling on Phu Quoc highway will help you get there. It will take you about 30 minutes to reach the pepper farm.

Good news for you: the roads are very passable. You can rent a motorbike or catch a taxi to move.

What to do?

Pepper farms only have pepper, right? Does it sound boring? But do not be impatient! The pepper  field of pepper will surprise you . We will show you how to get the most out of your experience

  • Take some pictures

The truth is that you can take pictures anywhere. But, taking them in the pepper farm gives off a totally different vibe..

Pepper is planted in rows. These rows are very tall. Therefore, walking in the pepper garden  feels like losing in a maze. But you would get the chance to feel the surrounding greenery in this cool maze with a slight smell of pepper.

One special feature I would recommend trying out is  to dress like a farmer and act as if you are harvesting pepper. Believe me, these memories would not leave you for life..

take some pictures
Take pictures at the pepper farm
  • Learn about pepper

This is why people say that traveling opens the doors to knowledge. Have you ever wondered how pepper is grown or cared for and how long it takes to harvest pepper? Keep wondering! These questions are good to widen your horizon.

Visiting pepper gardens, you will have the opportunity to observe farmers caring for their fields. You will also hear stories about pepper and Phu Quoc from the people who have experienced them. What could be more interesting?

  • Get some pepper

No one travels without buying souvenirs for their loved ones. Coming to Phu Quoc, it is impossible to ignore pepper and seafood. Therefore, pepper is always available for you to collect. Pepper picked from the garden is obviously the best. Let’s get some! You will be bringing a part of Phu Quoc to your home.

get some pepper
                                                        Phu Quoc pepper

Other activities that are often included when visiting pepper farm

Usually, after visiting the pepper gardens, tourists will go to similar nearby places such as visiting fish sauce factories and soaking wine cellar , places which also support generations of people in Phu Quoc. If you do not know how fish sauce and wine are made, these trips will help you.

Notes before a trip to the pepper farm

Stepping in the pepper farm is easy but only real travelers know how to step out without any regret. We are those ones. Let us tell you something you need to pay attention to:

  • There are 4 main types of pepper. Although they are literally the same, they are used for different purposes. Before buying, you should ask the farmers about how to cook each type of pepper correctly so that you can buy the right one.
  • Several pepper farms are operating in Phu Quoc but Khu Tuong is the largest one. It is also the most popular option.
  • Pepper farms look their best from December to March. That is also the pepper harvest season.

In conclusion

Pepper farm is not cool as the beach and not wild as the forest. Compared to other tourist attractions in Phu Quoc, it does not seem to stand out for those who like adventures. However, it will give tourists the best local experience ever. We bet that! Life of a pepper is similar to that of local people. Pepper goes through obstacles to grow up. That is why local people are proud of the farms. Walk across the pepper trees and you will feel it!

If you still hesitate, why don’t you try it? Let’s get the backpacks and be ready to get lost in the green maze!


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