vinpearl phu quoc
vinpearl phu quoc

The fact that you will tend to feel unpleasant when the weather turns hot is probably encouraging you to look for a cool destination where you can not only refresh your mind but also join fantastic activities. And if you are searching for such a place, you should not miss Vinpearl Land Amusement Park.

This gorgeous park is a top priority for people having an interest in water activities. Furthermore, with top-notch facilities, it will help you have the most memorable experience ever.

Are you excited about it? Then keep track of my article for more captivating details.

Location and scale

Vinpearl Land Amusement Park is located in the north area of Phu Quoc island which is in the west south of Vietnam. Quite far away from land, the island offers you fresh air and an evergreen environment, so you will absolutely have a whale of a time here.

What is more, this must-visit park with an area of 170 thousand square meters, has become the largest park in the southwest area of Vietnam. That’s why it attracts great attention of foreign and domestic tourists and is always ranked in the top list.

How can you get there?

Are you afraid of the process of traveling to this park? Stay calm because it is not far from Phu Quoc airport. Just take a flight to the airport and the tour will be as easy as pie.

You can hire a motorbike nearby or just call a taxi to take you to the park within 45 minutes. It is a great opportunity to contemplate the charming scene and breathe the fresh air of this green island.

The most wonderful thing is that you can travel to this spectacular park at no charge. But how? Vinpearl Land will let you travel by their free shuttle bus. Well, this amazing service allows you to save more money for yourself. Sounds cool, right?

Let’s immerse yourself into tons of captivating water activities!

●    Breathtaking aquarium showing the aquatic world

It is  such a pity if you miss the aquarium when visiting Vinpearl Land Amusement Park. The underwater world will appear in front of your eyes impressively, making you feel as if you were at the seabed.

Well, there are more than 9000 species of rare aquatic creatures such as sharks, turtles and so on. Thus, you will not only feast your eyes on it but also widen your horizons of ocean species.

vinpearl land amusement park Distinctive aquatic life will blow your mind!

Moreover, you can also contemplate the mermaid show performed daily and seize your chance to feed those cute aquarium inhabitants in the fish-feeding area.

●    A wide range of water chutes

If the magnificent aquarium blows a breath of fresh air to your soul, tons of colorful water chutes coming in various shapes and sizes will create a chance for you to train your physical health.

You can slide from a very high place down to the large pool, which satisfies your strong desire for extreme sports. In addition to that, there are many types of water chutes such as Kamikaze slide, body slide and many other interesting outdoor and indoor games.

Want to enjoy strong feelings and release all your stress? Then, add this place to your list, mark your calendar and pay a visit as soon as possible!

vinpearl land amusement park 2

Let’s reduce your stress with these extreme water games!

●    Gorgeous water music show

If you are tired of fancy activities by day, it is high time for you to sit back in front of the second-to-none performance by night.

The harmonization of water, color lights and appealing music form a marvelous stage that you have to watch once in your lifetime. Comfort, happiness, excitement are senses you will feel when you see the water dancing attractively under the starred night sky.

vinpearl land amusement park 3Exceptional performance of water, music and lights

What do you need to prepare before starting your journey?

Let’s be well-prepared to make your journey the most perfect possible one. Of course, you should make sure that there are a visa and other necessary personal documents in your suitcase. And then, prepare simple yet sufficient luggage including clothes and necessary personal belongings.

se, When it comes to clothes, you should bring swimming suits and kinds of comfortable ones when traveling to such a land of water games so that you can satisfactorily enjoy all of the must-try activities here.

Final thoughts!

All things combined, terrific landscape and awesome activities Vinpearl Land Amusement Park will invigorate yourself and help you have the most incredible holiday ever.

Plus, this park offers entertaining sections for both kids and adults, so it doesn’t matter if you want to spend your holiday with your family or friends that will make your time more meaningful and worthwhile.

Well, don’t let the hectic pace of the city life stress you more, let’s seize your chance right now!


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